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Site Prep Guideline Approximate cost

These are the basic site prep charges for customers whether you use us as a preferred contractor or you use your own contractor.


  • Crushed Stone Pad work has an approximate base price of $4-5 a square foot up to 4'deep.

  • There can be a charge of $75-$100 to wheelbarrow the stone to the site when we are not able to drive the truck to the site. This is typical with a build on site.

  • Wooden tie perimeter work starts at $12 per linear foot per level of tie.

  • Most contractors do not remove the excavated soil for free.

  • Multiple step locations/ mountain climbing /hard to access spots can have additional fees.

  • Shed Removal of an 8' X 12' shed is approximately $600. Please note that this is a starting point based on standard shed construction with a single layer of roof shingles.

  • Smaller or larger sizes are based on site inspection.

  • Remove stumps, boulders, obstructions can have additional fees.

  • Each site is DIFFERENT, please remember that these are guidelines to give you an APPROXIMATE COST .

  • Prices subject to change based on material available.

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